Tales from a Traveling Songstress: Claire Hawkins' "Bad" Debut

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Thursday, September 21, 2023

Grateful Web is delighted to spotlight "Bad," the latest offering from globe-trotting troubadour, Claire Hawkins. Embodying the essence of a contemporary musical wanderer, Hawkins brings a fresh perspective to the singer/songwriter paradigm, weaving tales of her journeys into the fabric of her music.

With over 15,000 subscribers and a staggering one million views on her growing YouTube channel, Claire has captured the hearts and ears of listeners from all corners of the world. These followers have journeyed with her through her self-initiated European tour, the "Foreign Voices Travelers Tour," which revolved around intimate performances in youth hostels, as well as her month-long artist residency in Southern France.

Hawkins’s travels aren't just about the songs and the road – they're about human connection. She passionately believes in the cohesive power of music, which is evident in her narrative-driven lyrics and captivating folk-pop melodies.

Her new single, "Bad," heralds the forthcoming release of her third EP, "The Name." Distinctive in its sound, "Bad" beautifully blends classic Americana with contemporary pop sensibilities, nodding to both age-old folk traditions and the contemporary artistry of figures like Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish. The track resonates with Hawkins’s sharp-witted lyricism, best exemplified by the opening line: "You asked, ‘Who’s Lindsay Lohan?’ ‘cause you heard her name in a song.” Through her words, she deftly sketches a narrative of a romance that’s lost its spark, yet retains a glimmer of hope.

Reflecting on the track, Hawkins shares:

"'Bad' was the first song I wrote for this EP. I wrote it back when I was still living in Dublin, prior to two years of pretty much non-stop travel. The song has already traveled the world with me, and now I get to celebrate its release back in Ireland with my upcoming tour, which feels incredibly special."


Though often out exploring the world, Hawkins calls both New York City and Dublin home. As she gears up for a UK and Ireland tour starting on the 21st of September at Dublin's Whelan’s, she continues to build a vibrant community of artists and fans who believe, just as she does, in the overwhelming power of good in the world.

Dive deep into the world of Claire Hawkins and follow her latest escapades and releases by visiting her official website.