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For fans of Ghost Light, we all know that Raina Mullen has the ability to be an amazing solo performer. For several years we've seen her shine in Ghost Light, but I had not had an opportunity to see her rock it out solo. She delivered a kick butt solo set opening for Mikaela Davis on March 2, 2023 at Milkboy in Philadelphia. 

For fans of the jam, the end of the year represents some of the best opportunities for the live music experience. Whether it be Phish, The String Cheese Incident, Widespread Panic or any host of improvisational groups with their multi-night events, ticket holders salivate at the possibilities of seeing shows night after night as well as the crown jewel of ear and eye candy that is December 31st.

Performing at their improvisational best, Ghost Light stopped at Harlow’s in Sacramento on December 14, and their exploratory, psychedelic-tinged jams anchored within an passionate alt-rock fierceness and accentuated by plenty of instrumental peaks of intensity, highlighted the stretched-out nature of the symphonic selections bestowed on the visibly appreciative audience.

Ghost Light | WOW Hall | 12/11/2022

After over two and a half years, the jam band super group Ghost Light finally returned to the New York City metro area last week. This absence was not by choice, as COVID-19 forced many cancellations for this band, including a 2022 winter tour that included an appearance at the iconic Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NY. This quintet of all-star musicians took the delays in stride, and used the time to record their sophomore album, The Healing.

Today, Ghost Light is thrilled to share their sophomore studio album The Healing via Royal Potato Family. The new album sees the group at the top of their musical game. The record was co-produced by Hamilton and the band recorded everything live and without multiple takes. “Recording this album was not an easy, straight forward process,” says Mullen. “It was a lesson in patience to figure out the right feel of a song, which can always change take to take.


Ghost Light, the alt/indie experimental rock outfit shares “The Healing” the title track from their forthcoming sophomore album The Healing, due out Oct 7 via Royal Potato Family.

For their new record, the band succumbed to a chaotic and constant state of change and that is where their story in The Healing begins.


Saturday night, relative new kids on the psychedelic block Ghost Light made Fort Collins the final stop of their short but sweet spring tour. Hitting the road for the first time since early 2020, this group set out to trip the sound fantastic once again for eleven shows over 16 days.

Lacuna, the debut album by guitarist Tom Hamilton and pianist Holly Bowling, is released today via Royal Potato Family. The duo, who also perform together in the acclaimed rock band Ghost Light, captured the music in one stream of consciousness, completely improvised recording session at Hamilton's studio The Ballroom in Philadelphia. Exploring the outer limits of creating music in the moment through a series of ambient excursions, Hamilton and Bowling showcase their powerful musical connection.

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