Knew Conscious

Knew Conscious, Denver's premier social club around the arts has partnered with for an exclusive re-broadcast of this past Saturday's performance of Ross James & Andy Thorn's Electric Dead Grass ft. Garrett Sayers (The Motet) and Mark Levy (Circles Around the Sun) airing on Wednesday, February 8th at 7pm MT. During the performance, the quartet was joined by Billy Strings after his sold-out show at 1st Bank Center who joins the band on three songs.

Following a great night of Phil and Friends at The Mission Ballroom Saturday night, the icing on the cake would be the afterparty taking place down the road at the exclusive social club Knew Conscious. Billed as Electric Dead Grass, this collaboration promised to bring together the powerhouse talent of the inexplicable force that is Ross James, banjo fury Andy Thorn, thundering cheshire Mark Levy, and Octo-handed deity channeler Garrett Sayers for a performance that blended exactly what the name intended.

Taking a macroscopic perspective to the live music experience, one evident fact rings true: it seems to be going on every day of the year. Although many plan for days, weeks, and months in advance to make it to the special event that has caught their attention, sometimes the last minute, improvised outing proves to contain a great reward and surprise.

Vibrations are the essence of life, the essence of creation. Vibrations create patterns that escalate to movement. Those frequencies breed familiarity and familiarity connects like-minded people to come together. For almost a decade, Knew Conscious, founded by Kurt Redeker, provided a space for artists and art enthusiasts to come together and experience the vibrations of art, music, and community. In June of 2018, Knew Conscious was forced to closed its doors due to a host of zoning issues and misrepresentation of building use. After months of searching for a new home, Knew Conscious is excited to announce its reopening at 1134 North Broadway in the Golden Triangle District in Denver, Colorado.

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