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Marco Benevento came to Underground Arts in Philadelphia on Saturday night for the 2nd stop of a 9-day, 9-city tour with his trio, comprised of Karina Rykman (bass) and Chris Corsico (drums), and supported by Mike Dillon & Punkadelick.

Today, Mike Dillon & Punkadelick share Inflorescence, an album of heady, instrumental rock and punk jazz highlighting a band deep in the throes of creative freedom, road tested and wild.


Jazz/Punk Raconteur Mike Dillon & Punkadelick makes its recorded debut with Inflorescence (Royal Potato Family), an album of heady, instrumental rock highlighting a band deep in the throes of creative freedom, road-tested and wild.


Mike Dillon & Punkadelick make their recorded debut with Inflorescence, an album of heady, instrumental rock highlighting a band deep in the throes of creative freedom, road tested and wild.


Friday night, Les Claypool brought his dastardly creation Bastard Jazz to Boulder Theater and for the lucky 850 who got tickets to the sold-out show, many left the building awe struck, jaw dropped, and looking for more.

The Denver, Co based funk and soul ensemble The Motet brought a fiery dance party to the jam friendly Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NY last Friday night as part of their Don't Keep On Stoppin' tour. They were accompanied by percussionist Mike Dillon, who is a veteran of the jam rock scene. Currently, the band is focused on instrumental sounds and reconnecting with their jazz improvisational roots.

Mike Dillon has spent the last three decades playing well over 200 shows a year with both his own band, as well as a vibraphonist and percussionist with artists including Rickie Lee Jones, Les Claypool and Ani DiFranco. So when the pandemic hit in early 2020 forcing Dillon off the road, he instinctively directed his perpetually restless creative energy to writing and recording.


Mike Dillon has announced his new album 'Rosewood' will be released July 17 via Royal Potato Family. Recorded intermittently between January 2018 and September 2019, its 13 majestic tracks were created solely with vibraphone and percussion instruments. Dillon, in fact, titled the record 'Rosewood' for the type of lumber used to make marimba bars. The album's first single "Hurt" is out today and pays tribute to the Johnny Cash arrangement of the classic Trent Reznor / Nine Inch Nails' song.


There are three key fundamental elements to a superior live music experience. The band, the crowd, and the space. Sure, there are factors from the outside like weather, parking, a potential Shakedown Street, and maybe even lame small-town cops. But it’s the first three that bring it all together. Two veteran acts co-billed a doubleheader at San Francisco’s legendary Great American Music Hall last Thursday and Friday.

Ween drummer Claude Coleman Jr. is taking his band amandla on the road, starting February 1 with the Mike Dillon Band. amandla’s latest release is LAUGHING HEARTS, and features the soul/funk/rock fusion amandla has become know for on past recordings and during live shows. Listen to LAUGHING HEARTS here.  The vinyl version of LAUGHING HEARTS will be available on March 9. 

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