Nick Moss Band | Time Ain't Free | New Music Review

Blending the elements of Blues, Rock, Funk, Jam & Soul, Chicago’s own Nick Moss Band, on this, their 10th album release, bring an electrifying smorgasboard to the table with Time Ain’t Free (Released March 18th 2014 and in stores now).

With the addition of Michael Ledbetter (Descedant of Lead Belly) as rhythm guitarist and second lead vocalist, there comes along with him his soulful vocal renderings on Light It Up, Fare Thee Well, Tell You Somethin’ Bout Yourself, I Want The World To Know, Walkin’ On A Ledge & Bad ‘n’ Ruin. In the comparable stylings of Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, Al Green & Marvin Gaye, Ledbetter’s talents move the band in a fresh and newly expressive direction.

Nick Moss' guitar work speaks in volumes; From soft and moving to scorching and ferocious, he runs the absolute gamut of a blues legend in complete control of his style, form and virtuosity; As relevant as any other master of his craft, Moss proves to be an exceptional force in the world of blues.

Chicago Houserocking Blues has never sounded so good.

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