Celebrate Jerry Garcia’s Legacy with the Grateful Dead Channel During The Days Between, August 1-9

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Deadheads and devotees of the Grateful Dead's incomparable music are invited to gather once again in honor of Jerry Garcia during The Days Between. This unique celebration, hosted by the Grateful Dead Channel, spans nine special days from Garcia's birthday on August 1 to the anniversary of his passing on August 9. It's a time to reconnect with the music, the memories, and the community that Garcia's legacy continues to inspire.

Throughout this period, Deadheads can tune into the Grateful Dead Channel to relish in a musical journey highlighted by three complete concerts per day from the diverse projects Garcia pursued outside of the Grateful Dead. Exclusive archival audio from Jerry Garcia Family legacy concerts, reflections from fellow Deadheads, and special guest DJs including Margo Price and Tom Hamilton, will all contribute to this profound tribute.

Highlights Include:

    A meticulously curated selection of concerts, showcasing Jerry Garcia's musical brilliance with bands like the Jerry Garcia Band, Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band, and collaborations with Merl Saunders and the Legion Of Mary.
   Guest DJ sets from Margo Price and Tom Hamilton, offering unique perspectives and personal insights into Garcia's music and legacy.

Concert Broadcast Schedule (all times ET):

    August 1: Performances from Hampton, VA (3am); Washington, DC (noon); and Piercy, CA (9pm).
    August 2: Performances from San Francisco, CA (3am); New York, NY (noon); and Columbia, MD (9pm).
    August 3: Performances from the Northwest Tour (3am); Piercy, CA (noon); and Palo Alto, CA (9pm).
    August 4: Performances from Washington, DC (3am); Columbia, MD (noon); and New York, NY (9pm).
    August 5: Performances from Palo Alto, CA (3am); Piercy, CA (noon); and Hampton, VA (9pm).
    August 6: Performances from Piercy, CA (3am); Berkeley, CA (noon); and Washington, DC (9pm).
    August 7: Performances from New York, NY (3am); Piercy, CA (noon); and San Francisco, CA (9pm).
    August 8: Performances from Berkeley, CA (3am); Hampton, VA (noon); and Piercy, CA (9pm).
    August 9: Performances from Columbia, MD (3am); Northwest Tour (noon); and Palo Alto, CA (9pm).

Guest DJ Broadcast Schedule (all times ET):

    Margo Price: August 1 (10am), August 3 (midnight), August 4 (5pm), August 5 (9am), August 8 (8am), August 9 (3pm).
    Tom Hamilton: August 2 (4pm), August 3 (9am), August 5 (midnight), August 6 (8am), August 8 (3pm).

Listeners can access the Grateful Dead Channel now and see the full schedule at Grateful Dead's official website. This tribute provides an opportunity for fans, both seasoned and new, to explore and celebrate Jerry Garcia's significant musical impact. The Grateful Dead Channel invites everyone to embark on this musical journey, honoring a legend whose spirit and creativity continue to resonate and inspire.