Grateful Web Interview with Allie Crow Buckley

Article Contributed by Candice Dollar | Published on Thursday, May 11, 2023

Allie Crow Buckley, the Los Angeles and London-based singer-songwriter, is ready to transport listeners to a world where reality and imagination intertwine with her highly anticipated sophomore album, Utopian Fantasy. Crafted within the prestigious confines of London's renowned 4AD Studio and skillfully mastered at Abbey Road, this musical endeavor provided her with the opportunity to venture into uncharted territory while remaining faithful to her creative vision. In an exclusive interview with Grateful Web, Buckley shares insights into her songwriting process, her connection to mythology, and the magical tapestry of sounds that make up her ethereal new record.

Every element of "Utopian Fantasy" showcases Buckley's remarkable focus on sonic intricacies. By skillfully intertwining acoustic and electronic components, she creates a reality that is both otherworldly and firmly rooted in reality. Buckley's mastery of storytelling is elevated by a captivating fusion of soothing folk influences and an enchanting allure reminiscent of bands like Black Sabbath.

photo credit: Katherina Acevedo

The album's lead single, "Angel," offers a glimpse into the tender vulnerability of new love, while tracks like "Greatest Hits" and "Naked at the Feast" delve into themes of chaos and acceptance. Buckley's ethereal vocals gracefully guide listeners through a world filled with sonic wonder.

Buckley's creative process often begins with the lyrics, although occasionally a melody serves as her starting point. She explains, "Usually, it's lyrics first, but sometimes I'll have a melody first and then work lyrics into that. It's different every time." Her songs are born from her emotional experiences and love for poetry. Drawing inspiration from mythology and symbolism, she skillfully weaves narratives that strike a chord on both personal and universal levels.

The influence of mythology permeates Utopian Fantasy and leaves an indelible mark on Buckley's music. Fascinated by tales like "Cupid and Psyche" and the Greek god Dionysus, she infuses her songs with a mystical quality. Drawing parallels between these ancient stories and the modern human experience, she captures the vulnerability and resilience required to navigate the chaos of life. Through her music, Buckley harnesses the power of mythology to illuminate the complexities of our existence.

photo credit: Katherina Acevedo

As our conversation with Buckley draws to a close, it becomes clear that her connection to the Grateful Dead runs deep. Her first concert experience, a Grateful Dead show in Golden Gate Park, left an indelible impression on her and played a significant role in shaping her musical journey. As she embraces her own artistic path, Buckley carries the spirit of the Dead and their dedication to musical exploration and storytelling.

In response to what she would like her listeners to know about her upcoming album, Buckley shares, "I want them to know that the album revolves around the concept of finding ecstasy through chaos. It's centered on the theme of escapism. Throughout the record, I often reference Dionysus and the Dionysian mysteries, contemplating the vulnerability of being. Dionysus was torn apart limb from limb by his followers, the people who loved him. So, I was inspired by that idea and the vulnerability surrounding impending chaos. Dionysus represented the god of chaos. The album explores the idea of embracing chaos and being okay with it, finding joy within it."

She further adds, "I always strive to make my records feel like a world of their own. I want listeners to be completely transported into the realm I've created, just like some of my favorite records have done for me. I hope that when people listen to this album, they embark on a journey and immerse themselves in the experience”. Utopian Fantasy is a testament to Buckley's introspection, growth, and artistic evolution.

photo credit: Katherina Acevedo

Allie Crow Buckley extends an enchanting invitation with her album, Utopian Fantasy, where mesmerizing soundscapes and introspective lyrics seamlessly entwine. This album showcases her artistic growth and remarkable talent in constructing a reality entirely her own. As the release date draws near, eager listeners anticipate embarking on this sonic journey, ready to be captivated by Buckley's musical vision.