Leftover Salmon | Porter Pavilion | 4/14/23

Article Contributed by Mahana Mari | Published on Tuesday, April 18, 2023

"Cheeehuuu!" was the joyful sound as all of Kauai's grateful hippies and Salmon heads flocked with huge smile and even bigger hugs to a sold-out show of 2 nights of Bluegrass Bliss at the Porter Pavilion at Anaina Hou on Kauai's spectacular North Shore. You could feel the love and smiles of Mr. Bill Porter shining down from heaven, the visionary who built Kauai's premier music venue for our grateful community.

Peter Rowan | Porter Pavillion

Peter Rowan began the night by singing a special favorite of Kauai 'ohana (family): "Moonlight Midnight".

Peter, in usual story telling fashion, then delights the crowd by telling the sound board to “fatten me up!” and then “That’s the luau!” which brought laugher and smiles to all.

Peter Rowan with Leftover Salmon in Kauai, Hawaii

Peter goes on to say “I sang this song for my friend Jerry (Garcia)” and proceeds to play “Mississippi Moon” and ended his set with a “Moonlight Midnight” encore with tears in everyone’s eyes… I even think I saw a twinkle in Peter’s eye too.

Leftover Salmon | Kauai, Hawaii

Next to the Stage: Leftover Salmon!

Salmon Tango in Kauai

EVERYONE was dancing… and I do mean everyone. When they played “Red Fox Run!” everyone was jumping, dancing, and swinging each other around with such glee until they played “Panama Red” when the sounds of laughter and happy hippie hoots almost overpowered the music… everyone was so truly in pure Bluegrass Bliss!

young Salmon heads on hand!

Kauai ohana LIVES for live music and this was EXACTLY what our island has been praying for!

Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii

The only “beef” at the end of the night: “Awwwwww, we have to go home now???”

Jay Starling happily serves all the thirsty hippies drinks as everyone waits for the show to begin

Don’t worry friends.. there’s even more… TOMORROW!

Leftover Salmon | Kauai, Hawaii

Porter Pavillion | Kauai, Hawaii

Taper-Jay with his 6 microphone matrix and live music archive