The New Up | The Yolo Brewery | Review

Article Contributed by Ashleigh Biggs | Published on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

While cold rainy storms pound Northern California, things are heating up inside The Yolo Brewery as The New Up take the stage. The band is on tour and tonight’s stop is in West Sacramento. The subtle mouthwatering aroma of craft beer fills the cozy venue, while vibrant lights and lasers illuminate the stage. Surrounded by brewery equipment and stoked fans, The New Up start rocking. The mix of growling guitars and zealous vocals are accented by a full band and the occasional appearance of flute and saxophone melodies.

The band’s electric stage presence is well-received by the crowd, it is clear that The New Up’s live sound is just as impressive, if not more so their recorded tracks. The friendly interaction between the band and the crowd between songs makes for an enjoyable and immersive night. Keep an eye out for when they will be in your area next and visit their site for more info:

The New Up is:

ES Pitcher (vocals, guitar), Noah Reid (guitar, vocals), Hawk West (automation), Nick Massaro (bass), Art McConnell (drums)

Tour Dates

2/24: San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop

4/02: Oakland, CA @ The New Parish