Papadosio | Red Rocks Amphitheatre | 6/2/2021

Article Contributed by Maddy Crandall | Published on Monday, June 7, 2021

Papadosio took over Red Rocks Amphitheatre this past Wednesday, June 2, with support from Bluetech and Dirtwire.

This concert came as the Asheville-based jam band’s first headlining post-pandemic amphitheatre show, following Resonate at Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida on May 19. Papadosio and the supporting acts came equipped with a team of visionaries and live artists that scattered the stairs of the iconic venue Wednesday, bringing life and color into the park for the night.

soundcheck in Morrison

With the Colorado sun still radiating throughout the park, Bluetech set the tone for the modular exploration of the night, creating new resonant patterns for the crowd, and pushing the limits of sound...sounds which resembled water splashing, and exuberant, wet, wild and free soundscapes.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre | Morrison, CO

Dirtwire followed with folky, psychedelic swing music that quickly amplified into a certain energy, letting the crowd know they were all in for a treat that night. Dirtwire showcased their collaboration with Trevor Hall, “Strength in One,” and also showcased  a fan favorite, “Shish Kabob”—coupled with a beatboxer—to cap their performance. Their string instruments radiated throughout Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, and set the high-frequency energetics of the night.

Papadasio | Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Papadosio came to the stage high off the success of their latest album, “Microdosio”—a piece of art that perfectly encapsulates the band’s improvisational talent that is also doubled with their sonic exploration, appreciation, and love for all psychedelic essences. This Wednesday night with Papadosio reminisced us with fan favorites, as well as explored new tunes yet to be seen live.

soundboard - Morrison, CO

The energy from Dirtwire lingered as Papadosio magnetized the theatre with their presence. The stage lighting was set to a dark blue hue, as a steady beat—highlighted by bright green strobes—began to encapsulate the crowd. Their intro was impressionable, steady and focused, as the attendees took in hints of the intricate performance that was to come.

Rob McConnell | Papadasio

Seamlessly transitioning into their first track, “By The Light of the Stars,” each note was perfectly synthesized for the crowd’s delight. The crowd was instantly cued into synchronization from bassist Rob McConnell’s energy and thorough rhythms ricocheting  deep vibrations throughout the Red Rocks. The lyrics, “Your eyes, Your hands, Your heart, Your head…” were sung in tandem with the crowd, as sensational visuals dropped to the stage backdrop for the first time.

Papadasio | Red Rocks Amphitheatre

A lengthy version of Microdosio’s leading track, “Fly Agaric,” followed. The song both perfectly highlights each band member’s unique talents, while simultaneously creating a unified,exemplified soundscape. The new track contains extraterrestrial samples—that were thoughtful and groovy—which were layered with musical scales to provide depth.

A beautiful transition led attendees into an elegant and dignified “Garden”—a true highlight off the setlist of the night. The outro jam then transitioned into an extended version of “Reishi,” the final track on their latest album release, Microdosio. The synthesized, upbeat, and modular track led the crowd to dance along to the consolidated jam.

Billy Brouse | Papadasio

Papdosio’s well-known high-energy, technologically perplexing, and utterly engaging synergy was fully established by the time guitar riffs led us into two of the most listened-to tracks off the new album, “Versicolor” > “Cubensis,” with a special solo highlight of Billy Brouse on keys.

Anthony Thogmartin

Shortly after, lead guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist Anthony Thogmartin expressed his gratitude for “us all coming together once again,” as well as highlighting the band's fifteen years of performance together.

The music continued with stage visuals from supporting on-site artists (artist lineup below). Each member’s respective talents and formulas graced the collective soundtrack of the night. The setlist continued with funky teasers and jazzy interludes, as the band led attendees through an experimental—yet respected—“Geoglyph.” Papadosio tested the bending and breaking of sounds to engage and activate the crowd. Knowing where their power lies, the band displayed control and beauty with every note.

Mike Healy | Papadasio

Following, Papadosio covered “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” by Tears for Fears.  After the sing-a-long, Mike Healy’s heavy drums led us into the night’s closer,  “Puddles for Oceans” > “Right Now” from the fan-favorite album “TETIOS.”

The extended jam was traditional, yet explorative, and gave attendees the dance party they know and love. The cohesive and collaborative build-ups to Papadosio’s full amplitude was sensational to witness when doubled with the immense feeling of gratitude for the band’s raw and organic nature.

Sam Brouse | Papadasio

After a brief intermission, Papadosio ignited their encore with “All I Knew.” As the first notes of the song resonated throughout the amphitheatre, the crowd shared an enthusiastic honoring of this special, beautiful and representative track.

Papadosio closed the night with “Snorkel,” showcasing spacey, erratic, elongated jams as the band reached peak aptitude. Papdosio performed throughout the night as though they were expediting the passion and lost time that took place in the music scene during the pandemic.

Papadasio | Red Rocks Amphitheatre

The night was supported by encapsulating stage visuals, as well as a lineup of visionary artists scattered throughout the amphitheatre, leaving attendees feeling blessed for the return of live to the park, and radiating happiness from the showcase of raw talent and community that took place throughout the evening.

Live Artist Lineup:



















Intro >By The Light of the Stars >Kicksville

Fly Agaric XL >Garden >Reishi XL

Versicolor >Cubensis

Geoglyph >Everybody > Puddles >Right Now


All I Knew