Railroad Earth | Philadelphia, PA | 3/10/16

Article Contributed by Mike Mannon | Published on Friday, March 11, 2016

The pure, almost orchestral musicianship of Railroad Earth has always separated it from its jam, Americana, and bluegrass peers.  When you place a band with that dedication to craft in a venue with a deep commitment to acoustics, sightlines, and spacing, you have the foundation for a flawless night of music.  And as usual, Railroad Earth didn't disappoint last night at Philadelphia's exquisite Union Transfer.  Kicking off the show with favorites from their beloved break-out record Bird in a House, RRE alternated between traditional fiddle dust-ups and softer, beautiful songs like "Grandfather Mountain" off their most recent Last of the Outlaws.  The winter tour continues this weekend at the 9:30 Club in D.C.

March 10, 2016

Union Transfer - Philadelphia, PA

Set 1

1.     Mighty River

2.     Saddle Of The Sun

3.     Happy Song

4.     Grandfather Mountain

5.     The Good Life

6.     Potter's Field ->

7.     Lone Croft Farewell

8.     Any Road

9.     Elko

Set 2

1.     Black Elk Speaks

2.     Like A Buddha

3.     Crossing The Gap

4.     Came Up Smilin'

5.     Farewell to Isinglass ->

6.     Chasin' a Rainbow

7.     Walk Beside Me

8.     Hangtown Ball

9.     12 Wolves

10.  Hard Livin'


1.     Peggy-O