Trampled by Turtles Explores Liminal Spaces in Alpenglow, an Album That is Sure to Have Lasting Power

Article Contributed by Candice Dollar | Published on Thursday, October 27, 2022

Trampled by Turtles, the American original Minnesota-based sextet, is back with a highly-anticipated new album, Alpenglow. Their tenth, and perhaps finest album yet, is produced by Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, and will be released on October 28th.

The album title refers to the rosy glow that washes over the mountains just between dusk and dawn, the liminal space that exists between what was, and what is yet to come. Setting the tone for the album, the opening song, “It’s So Hard to Hold On” toys with the tension that exists between nostalgia, and our inherent desire for renewal.

Almost 20 years after first getting together, Trampled –– lead singer and songwriter Dave Simonett, bassist Tim Saxhaug, banjo player Dave Carroll, mandolinist Erik Berry, fiddle player Ryan Young, and cellist Eamonn McLain –– explore new ways to surprise us and one another. The rootsy outfit has learned a thing or two about change, somehow managing to operate as a quirky bluegrass rock band of sorts, one that employs string instrumentation with folk and punk influences. They can change from a foot-stomping, buoyant ditty, such as “Don’t Let Go,” to a mellow, string-fueled stroll, like “A Lifetime to Find,” just as quickly as they can shift the tone from uplifting to forlorn on Alpenglow.

Trampled by Turtles: Alpenglow

Consistent with the theme of change, Trampled decided to work with a producer for Alpenglow, a move that is unusual for the group. Dave Simonett’s heartfelt lyrics and earthy voice, augmented by the band’s perfectly layered and robust harmonies, were taken to new heights with the addition of Tweedy’s perspective. “I came in with songs I thought were finished, and then Jeff was really great about taking them apart, adding something here, taking something away there. He gave us fresh ears on songs and new ideas for how to present them. We all just sat in a circle and played,” says Simonett.

The Trampled-Tweedy experiment results in an album that is sure to have lasting power.

Alpenglow Track Listing

It’s So Hard to Hold On

Starting Over

Central Hillside Blues

On the Highway

A Lifetime to Find

Nothing But Blue Skies

Burlesque Desert Window

All the Good Times Are Gone

We’re Alright

Quitting is Rough

The Party’s Over

Trampled by Turtles Tour Dates

NOV 3, 2022

Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Amigo the Devil

NOV 4, 2022

Washington, DC

w/ Amigo the Devil

NOV 5, 2022

Philadelphia, PA

w/ Amigo the Devil

NOV 6, 2022

South Burlington, VT

w/ Amigo the Devil

NOV 9, 2022

Ithaca, NY

w/ Amigo the Devil

NOV 10, 2022

New York, NY

w/ Amigo the Devil

NOV 11, 2022

Boston, MA

w/ Amigo the Devil

NOV 12, 2022

Portland, ME

w/ Amigo the Devil

NOV 26, 2022

Minneapolis, MN

w/ Charlie Parr

DEC 1, 2022

Atlanta, GA

w/ Chester Floyd (from Meat Eater Podcast)

DEC 2, 2022

Winston-Salem, NC

w/ Spring Summer

DEC 3, 2022

Cincinnati, OH

w/ Pokey LaFarge

DEC 4, 2022

Detroit, MI

w/ Full Cord

DEC 7, 2022

Tulsa, OK

w/ Sumbuck (ft. Taylor Meier from Caamp)

DEC 8, 2022

Fayetteville, AR

w/ Sumbuck (ft. Taylor Meier from Caamp)

DEC 9, 2022

St Louis, MO

w/ Sumbuck (ft. Taylor Meier from Caamp)

DEC 10, 2022

Kansas City, MO

w/ Sumbuck (ft. Taylor Meier from Caamp)

JAN 13, 2023

Honolulu, HI

w/ Tavana

JAN 15, 2023

Kahului, HI

w/ Tavana

JAN 19, 2023

San Francisco, CA

w/ Tejon Street Corner Thieves

JAN 20, 2023

West Hollywood, CA

w/ Tejon Street Corner Thieves

JAN 21, 2023

San Diego, CA

w/ Tejon Street Corner Thieves

APR 2, 2023

Olympic Valley, CA

APR 21, 2023

Miramar Beach, FL