Bobby Weir collapses on stage and taken to Hospital

Article Contributed by Ryan Neeley | Published on Friday, April 26, 2013

Bob Weir, former member of the Grateful Dead, collapsed on stage during a Furthur show Thursday night at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY after showing signs of distress throughout the evening.  Playing their ninth sold out show in twelve days, the 65 year old rhythm guitarist stumbled, then fell around 11pm during the song "Unbroken Chain", and was assisted to his feet by security, who then brought out a red folding chair for Weir to sit on while bassist Phil Lesh and the band played on. Around 11:10pm, the lights in the theatre were turned out and Weir was assisted off the stage. 

According to fans in attendance, Weir limped onto the stage at the start of the evening, and played a less than stellar first set, but things really fell apart during the second set of the night.  The first sign of a major problem was when Weir fumbled through "Eyes of the World" and "Uncle John's Band" and was uneasy on his feet, and after having trouble playing together with the band, it was reported that the crew unplugged his guitar, and at one point, Lesh and John Kadlecik walked off the stage. 

Prior to the encore, which included “Stella Blue,” “China Cat Sunflower” and “I Know You Rider”, Lesh announced the Weir had injured his shoulder during a workout earlier in the evening.  Weir did not return to the stage after being helped off the stage.

Many fans criticized the band for playing on after Weir fell, and some fans speculated that Weir had taken pain pills for the injury, which led to his collapse on stage; however, this was not confirmed.   As of 11am EST, there have been no updates on Weir's condition.  Furthur is scheduled to play in Atlantic City on Saturday night.