Fruition | “Stand With You” | Review

Article Contributed by Gibson Shaffer | Published on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Something about Fruition’s latest release makes me want to hop in the car with my friends and jam out with the windows down as we drive into the night. Released October 16, a two-track single featuring “For You” and “Stand With You” came at a time when the world needed it the most. Though “For You” was included due to its popularity on their previous album Broken at the Break of Day, “Stand With You” serves as it’s B side while bringing a deeply emotional sound and tugging on your heartstrings with it’s meaningful lyrics. An ode to those continuously on the front lines of the fight for racial equality in the United States, Fruition wanted the world to know they “Stand With You”.

With a 6/8 time signature groove and a bottleneck slide guitar “Stand With You” encompasses Fruition’s signature sound while calling out for justice through their lyrics. With no time wasted, the opening line of the song goes “When it rains oh it pours, and it’s been raining for weeks. Now you’re soaked to the bone with tears burned down your cheeks. But I hear your cries and I will be there by your side, my friend.” The song continues into the chorus which aims to bring unity to its listeners, “Though I will never understand the struggles that you’ve been through, I will do all I can, I am gonna stand with you.”

Fruition guitarist and “Stand With You” songwriter Jay Cobb Anderson touched on what inspired his lyrics. “I believe that the most powerful things we humans can do in our lives are not things that benefit us personally, but things that help many,” Anderson said in a press release. “The power of giving is unmatched by anything I can think of. And the most valuable gift one can give is themselves. Their time and energy. Their commitment to help, learn, and change. And to truly change oneself for the better is what we must do to change the world for the better. Just like all journeys begin with one step, all changes begin with one action.”

In an attempt to incite this action, a portion of the proceeds from the streams and sales of “Stand With You” will be donated to Color of Change, the nation’s largest online social justice organization. Anderson continued on to say, “In a world filled with information/misinformation that seems all too divisive, I hope that this song inspires those who hear it to try to sympathize with another’s struggle, and to take a step in the direction of change for compassion, justice, and unity,”

“That’s not only what this song is about, but what this life is all about, in my humble opinion. We hope you enjoy ‘Stand With You.’”