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Article Contributed by Gibson Shaffer | Published on Friday, June 4, 2021

The reggae-infused folk-rock band Satsang released a new album today, June 4 titled “All. Right. Now.” Inspired by the soundscape of their home state Montana, the album brings nature and soul to each track, telling the story of a long journey to peace and happiness.

The opening track “From And I Go” brings a grace of violins and string instruments together to connect meaningful lyrics with the passion in frontman Drew McManus’s voice. From the first note you can sense the power of storytelling that the album will bring to its listeners.

Peeling back the layers of sound, each track reroutes you to the roots of what feels like finally being home. "Montana isn't just where I live. It's my heart and soul," McManus said in a press release. Truly engaged with the nature around them, “From And I Go” was written on a rock in the middle of the Stillwater river, in Montana’s southwest region.

“I had hiked up with my wife and baby to hopefully catch some fish while they played,” McManus told Under The Radar in an interview. “The wind was a bit much, so I sat on this rock and just watched my wife play with our youngest at the bottom of these giant mountains. Eleven years prior I had been at that same outlet when I decided to stay in Montana for good. The song was a love song to all the things that made me feel home. The river, the mountains, my wife and children, and even the time I spend away from it all on the road, knowing that whenever I leave I will always come back to those things."

From And I Go” followed the release of “I’m The One,” the album’s vibrant summer anthem that carries a beat you can’t help but get up and dance to. “This Place,” featuring singer/songwriter Trevor Hall, was also gifted early to fans, the track captures the lifelong journey of McManus’s growth through trials and tribulations.

“When you’re dealt a tough hand, you can either get bitter or you can get better,” said McManus in a press release. “You can blame your upbringing for everything and complain about what happened to you, or you can choose to believe that everything happened for you, to step into your power and become the person you want to be.”

The purposeful message behind the opening track is carried throughout the whole of the album, from start to finish the melodic sounds take you on a spiritual journey through lyricism and unique instrumental ensembles, drawing on classic country and modern Americana. Written and recorded during an extended hiatus from the road, ‘All. Right. Now.’ finds McManus reconnecting with his motherland and experimenting with a whole new palette of sounds. The performances are broad and spacious, reflecting the wide-open fields and soaring mountains that surrounded the band while they were recording. The result is a lush, organic collection fueled by acoustic guitars, fiddle, and pedal steel.

Satsang's soulful-rock vibes brought their previous work to #1 on the Billboard's Reggae Chart and allowed them to sell out concerts around the country, sharing stages with artists like Michael Franti & Spearhead, Nahko and Medicine for the People as they worked their way up from bars and clubs to massive festivals.

Following the release of the new album, the band is back on the road performing their new music for fans across the country. With lyrics and poetic storytelling that are drawn from the beauty of nature and the world around us, what better place to start their tour than in Aspen, CO followed by Red Rocks Amphitheatre, one of the country's most breathtaking outdoor venues. Kicking off live shows there on June 4-6, the quartet heads back to their homebase of Montana quickly after to continue the tour of “All. Right. Now.” You can find the list of tour dates below.

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Satsang - Tour Dates

JUN 4 - Gerald Ford Amphitheater – Vail, CO

JUN 5 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO

JUN 6 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO (2pm show)

JUN 6 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO (8pm show)

JUN 9 - The Mishawaka - Bellvue, CO

JUN 10 - The Mishawaka - Bellvue, CO

JUN 11 - Red Lodge Ales - Red Lodge, MT

JUN 12 - Red Lodge Ales - Red Lodge, MT

JUL 24 - Daydream Farm - Wall Township, NJ

OCT 14 - Turf Club - St Paul, MN

OCT 15 - Knuckleheads Saloon - Kansas City, MO

OCT 16 - The Wildwood Smokehouse and Saloon - Iowa City, IA

OCT 17 - Hi-Fi - Indianapolis, IN

OCT 20 - Asheville Music Hall - Asheville, NC

OCT 21 - The Basement - Nashville, TN

OCT 22 - Rumba Cafe - Columbus, OH

OCT 23 - Martyrs' - Chicago, IL

OCT 24 - Bell's Eccentric Cafe - Kalamazoo, MI

OCT 27 - Old Rock House - St. Louis, MO

OCT 28 - Wooly's - Des Moines, IA

OCT 29 - Reverb Lounge - Omaha, NE

NOV 11 - Marquee Theatre - Tempe, AZ

NOV 12 - Soda Bar - San Diego, CA

NOV 14 - The Rock - San Luis Obispo, CA

NOV 16 - Mystic Theater - Petaluma, CA

NOV 17 - Felton Music Hall - Felton, CA

NOV 18 - Cornerstone - Berkeley, CA

NOV 20 - Star Theater Portland - Portland, OR

NOV 21 - High Dive - Seattle, WA

Track list

All. Right. Now.

1. From And I Go

2. All. Right. Now.

3. Answer Was Yes

4. This Place (ft. Trevor Hall)

5. I’m The One

6. Further This Goes

7. Malachi

8. Back Around (ft. G. Love)

9. I’ll Try

10. Love

11. To Last