Outside Lands 2015 | Preview

Article Contributed by Rochelle Shipman | Published on Wednesday, August 5, 2015

It’s not always easy to get to a musical festival the minute the doors open. Between work and friends traveling from different pockets, and especially if alcohol is involved the night (or brunch) before, it gets even harder by the day. When your lineup is as stacked as Outside Lands’ though, you’d be a fool to show up late. Here are five acts that are sure to make the hustle worth it.

1. Speedy Ortiz, Friday 1:30 @ Panhandle 

Hiding behind those heavy chords are some of the smartest lyrics on this side of the millennium. Vocalist Sadie Dupuis, besides having some of the coolest two-toned hair out there, also boasts an incredible talent for slipping in flat notes and making them sound electrically alive.

2. Leon Bridges, Friday 2:25 @ Sutro

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t heard of Leon Bridges before. If you like music enough to be at Outside Lands, don’t let anything stop you from seeing Leon Bridges perform. I’m certain this old soul actually escaped right out of the ‘50s, but instead of trying to figure out how he did it, let’s just drink him in while he’s here.

3. Hurray for the Riff Raff, Saturday 12:20 @Sutro

These guys are from New Orleans, which should honestly be all the information you need to get your ass to their set. Their folk-rock tunes bring a thick air of southern hospitality and the all-too-relatable lyrics in songs such as “The Body Electric” make this band a must-see.

4. Shakey Graves, Sunday 12:20 @ Lands End

Once you start listening to Shakey Graves, it will be hard to imagine kicking a day off without his help. It might seem like just a guy and his guitar at first, but when you really let the warmth of his gruff voice wash over you, you’ll find yourself hypnotized.

5. Allah-Las, Sunday 1:10 @ Sutro

No music festival would be complete without some good old rock and roll, and the Allah-Las are bringing just that to Outside Lands. Buoyant riffs and vocals that sound alarmingly like early Mick Jagger...what more could you need?