Grateful Web Interview with Little Rock's Flameing Daeth Fearies

Article Contributed by Michelle Mi | Published on Friday, December 28, 2012

If you're in Fayetteville, AR on January 6, you can start your 2013 music season with a free show that will blow your pants off – and probably any other clothing you're wearing that night.

When Little Rock's Flameing Daeth Fearies put on a show, they go all out (and all in). The band’s music is a combination of pop and rock, with undertones of punk, funk, heavy and bubble gum; and their fashion style isn’t complete without costumes, fuzzy angel wings, dancers and rainbows. In a Sync Weekly article, the band claimed ‘If it’s interesting, we like it.’ And probably if you’re interesting, you’ll like their show! Combining cabaret, punk, various genres, costumes, light shows, bubbles and all sorts of hullabaloo, FDF are probably one of the most outright entertaining bands Fayetteville has had on the schedule in a while.

Below is a quick interview with the band, to give you a taste of something you really don’t want to miss.

Show Info

Flameing Daeth Fearies

Smoke and Barrel Tavern

January 6, 2013

10 pm


Grateful Web’s Flameing Daeth Fearies

GW: First of all, can you sum up your band in 5 words?

FDF: Viral YouTube Videos: The Musical

GW: How has a Flameing Daeth Fearies show changed and evolved over time?

FDF: We added lights, two types of bubbles, dancing girls, musicians with more showmanship. The show has a lot more polish with the DIY aspect peeking through. 

GW: How has the music and songwriting changed over time?

FDF: We started out as sex, drugs, and rock n roll, now we seem to be all about food, love, and rock ‘n’ roll.  I guess it happens as you get older, songs are more pop and dance rock grooves with undertones of the hard rock, punk, and indie.

GW: What other music/instruments/bands do the members of FDF dabble in?

FDF: Rusti plays guitar, bass, keyboard, and programming. Ginger plays bass, trumpet, and piano. Frel plays guitar, bass, drums, and didgeridoo. Zombie Hunter V has a saxophone and clarinet somewhere in the attic. Musicians sometimes fill in for other bands here and there but FDF is their constant.

GW: Do any of you have a favorite joke or two you think Grateful Web readers should hear?

FDF: We write songs about internet/nerdy stuff... So here are a few jokes in that vein. I heard there was this band called 1023MB, they haven’t got any gigs yet.

Yo mama so ugly, even the Magic the Gathering nerds won't tap her.

GW: What can Fayetteville expect for your upcoming show at Smoke & Barrel?

FDF: Songs about furries, bronies, and Bailey Jay... How we can't get a black girl... Dancing girls, bubbles, rock star posturing, and the biggest light show we could fit in the Sprinter. And the best pants you have ever seen!