Drunken Hearts Album Release | Review

Article Contributed by Christopher Kemp | Published on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Colorado based Americana Quintet The Drunken Hearts hosted their “Love & Thirst” album release party on a Thursday night at the Bluebird Theater in Denver.  A far cry from the soulless popular music seeding festivals and stadiums, The Drunken Hearts played an intimate and emotional set.

Support from Cold River City and Mama Magnolia provided a nice surprise in that both groups had strong female lead vocalists. However a few light and sound issues muddied the wonderful performances from every band.

Early opener Cold River city got a few feet moving and hips shaking. A fun mixture of Rock and borderline Punk/Ska feeling, the harmonies of both the male and female vocalists were a pleasure to hear. Despite the early set time and a small crowd, Cold River City still kept an energetic stage presence. A tip of the hat to the drummer in Cold River City for his unusually inventive drum solo utilizing his bandmate’s Electric Bass.

The Bluebird filled in quickly for Mama Magnolia’s set. This set became something to revel in. I often found myself closing my eyes and tapping my foot. Each member was playing deceivingly complicated music in a way that almost slips past the senses. Couple this attention to emotional and musical detail with an absolutely divine vocalist and you have one classy cocktail of soulful, passionate and amazing music.  

The Drunken Hearts took the stage shortly after 10pm and put forth a great set. The audience was even treated to some new tunes that didn’t make it to “Love & Thirst.” Americana can be characteristically sloppy in execution, however The Drunken Hearts were extremely tight.  Again, the vocals in the mix seemed a bit muddy at times, but it is apparent these guys can sing.

If you’re tired of music filled with pretention check out The Drunken Hearts.  The Drunken Hearts is music for when you’re outside grilling and relaxing, or at home watching the snow fall. Grab a friend, grab a lover, grab your mother and go out and grab a copy of “Love and Thirst.” Your Mom won’t be disappointed.