Hamish Anderson On The Blues

Article Contributed by philamonjaro | Published on Friday, April 8, 2016

Keep a lookout for Hamish Anderson. There is a growing buzz about this young blues guitar slinger from Australia. Hamish is getting some much deserved attention from the music-world’s finest. Having showcased at SXSW in 2015, he has opening up for Los Lobos, played Los Angeles' iconic Troubadour and his recordings produced by Brian Lucey (Black Keys, Dr. John, Arctic Monkeys). Hamish is on Buddy Guy and Gary Clarke Jr.’s radar as a top blues talent keep a eye on. He was B.B. King’s opening act included B.B. final performance in late 2014. If there is one thing notable about the elder blues statesmens, they are seeking out and supporting the young virtuosos who can take blues into the next generation. Without question, Hamish is one of the few who can honor that great blues tradition.

His roots run deep into 60s/70s rock and blues. In his early youth he pored over his father’s vinyl collection of Cream, Rolling Stones, Dylan, Neil Young, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter, Zeppelin, Eric Clapton and so many more. Hamish claims Peter Greene (Fleetwood Mac), J.J. Cale and Mississippi Fred McDowell as his musical mentors.  Now take those influences and launch them into his unique guitar chops for a hint of things to come.

With two EP releases out he was back in the studio this past winter. His new release is anticipated for summer of 2016 with an advance single to be release titled ’Trouble’.  In the meantime check out this great nugget to enjoy, Anderson’s free download of a sultry Arctic Monkeys cover ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High’
For you San Diego area blues fans, Hamish will be recorded on April 25th for the KPBS TV series 'Live at the Belly Up'. Info and tickets: http://www.bellyup.com