Goin' Green @ Langerado

Article Contributed by amanda | Published on Sunday, March 2, 2008

So, I'm leaving in a few days for my first Langerado festival…my first, but this is the 6th year of the party's existence. I've always heard fabulous things about it but never have been able to go.  I have to say that even though things haven't gone as originally planned, like they ever really do right? I'm getting super stoked about going.

Looking through the facts about this gig, I'm a bit intrigued.  I always like to see how a festival has grown...or not as the newness of things wears off or promoters make mistakes.  However, Langerado has grown exponentially over the past five years. Previous years were held mostly at Markham Park in Sunrise Florida once the attendance numbers outgrew two previous venues.  The first year, held at the Stadium Festival Fair Grounds in Ft. Lauderdale, lasted a single day with a small but respectable initial turnout of approximately 3,500 attendees.  That's honestly not too bad considering it was a single-day, 15-artist event...

2004 saw the fest grow into four stages, adding another five artists to the lineup and welcoming 1,000 more attendees into the new home at Young Circle Park in downtown Hollywood, Florida...that also happens to be the headquarters of the Seminole Tribe of Florida...Hollywood, not the park.

2008 Langerado brings us to the Big Cypress Seminole Reservation encompassing about 50,000 acres in Hendry County Florida. (If it's good enough for the Phish NYE 1999-2000 festival, I'm sure it'll do for Langerado.) This reservation is one of six Seminole reservations in Florida.  According to our press info, "More than 3,300 Seminoles live on and off the reservations.  The Tribe is a sovereign government, subject to U.S. laws.  Florida criminal laws also apply to reservation lands.  The Seminole Tribe operates its own police force of more than 150 professionally-trained and equipped officers."

Langerado's desire to be as "green" as possible deserves kudos. Almost all of these fests take huge strides to be so, I think it's time we start highlighting them and learning from their examples. I know I'm much more focused on sticking to the three R's during and immediately after a fest when it's brought into the forefront of my mind.

Here's the lowdown of Langerado Greening plans direct from our press info:

Greening Langerado

Langerado Music Festival aspires to be as clean and as green as the tropics that surround Big Cypress.  Looking at the pristine land that hosts Langerado with the Atlantic Ocean on the horizon, this is naturally the only choice.  Langerado chooses to promote what is best for the preservation of the environment just like we choose to promote the finest and freshest musicians.

Langerado Greening Initiative:

• Bio-Diesel Fueled Generators & Light Towers
• Extensive Recycling Program for all Materials On Site
• Greenerado Eco-Village
• Biodegradable Plates, Cups & Utensils used by all Vendors
• Sustainable Catering Practices
• Compost Program for Vendors and Patrons
• Green Sponsors
• Carbon OffSet Program
• Organic Merchandise Options
• Artist Participation

Waste Management - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

To accomplish the goal of significantly reducing waste that's created at the event, Langerado is embracing the Three R's.  Food vendors are required to serve food on materials that are completely biodegradable (Reduce).  These items, along with food waste from vendors and fans at the festival will be taken to a local farm to be transformed to organic fertilizer (Reuse).  Plans are in place to effectively recycle glass, aluminum, and cardboard used on site (Recycle). Production offices will use recycled paper, and other sustainable products to reduce waste created by the festival. This is only the beginning...as the festival draws near additional components will grow with this program.

Renewable Energy - B20 Bio-Diesel

Langerado's generators & light towers powered by B20 Bio Diesel limits reliance on petroleum and prevents harmful CO2 emissions from contaminating our beautiful surroundings. B20 will be available for refueling Bio Diesel tour buses on site. In addition, through a combination of approaches, Langerado aims to offset the carbon output from the event by balancing the ecological footprint of bands and fans who travel many miles to arrive at this pristine location.

Greenerado - Sustainability Village

Everyone at the festival contributes to the success of Greening Langerado! On the stage near the EcoVillage, artists will jam and activists will spread positive messages for change.  Non-profit organizations will showcase their efforts at sustainability and will teach festival goers how to take some of the eco-friendly practices they see at Langerado home with them. This is not just a component of the event, it is the heart and soul that's being woven into every aspect of Langerado!

So there's a few of the basics. Y'all know me and my procrastinating nature, so cheers to turning over a new leaf by getting something out there early. If you have any recommendations for whom I might not know but is not to be missed…drop me a line. Plus, maybe a few of you will say hi before we all leave and we can be social once we get there.  It's sure to be a good time. Time for a new adventure boys and girls!